What is cinepoems?

cinepoems is a new organisation for exploring, developing and promoting filmpoetry in Scotland, Quebec and everywhere.

 statement of intent

  • to foster a DIY, grassroots community in Scotland who are empowered to reach out internationally, working across different artistic traditions and languages to share poetry, images, culture and learning.
  • to push the boundaries of what we do with performance, with technology and with art.
  • to encourage practical learning of film making, editing and other digital skills.
  • to curate online and live events to showcase new filmpoetry work, in beautiful and intensely odd spaces.
  • to have a good time – a real good time – doing all this.

[how are we going to do this?]

…Watch this space! we’ll be announcing some exciting new projects coming soon.

[what is filmpoetry?]

Film poetry, film poems, video poems, cinepoetry; performance, text, animation, music, audio tracks, voice over, subtitles. Professional collaborations to create new work; interpretations of existing poems; viral YouTube sensations. Moving images. Words.

For some insights into the history of cinepoetry and filmpoetry: everything from 1920’s Dadaist video-art to films being made by contemporary Scottish poets.




Where is this?

As of 2016, cinepoems mainly operates between Edinburgh and Quebec. In future, we hope to create projects working with poets and film makers around the globe, encouraging international collaboration and multi lingual translations of poetry and films.


Who is this?

cinepoems is currently run by poet Rachel McCrum (Edinburgh) and a loose collective of film makers and poets in Scotland and Quebec. If you’re interested in getting involved, or have a project proposal, please email us at cinepoems@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you.