The Quebec-UK Connexions Project is a collaborative project between the Scottish Poetry Library (Edinburgh) and the Maison De La Poesie (Montreal), funded by the Quebec Government and British Council Canada.



Building on creative collaborations that emerged during the 2015 ‘Territories‘ project between the Edinburgh International Book Festival/Scottish Poetry Library and the Maison De La Poesie, 2016 sees Scotland based poets Rachel McCrum and Calum Rodger collaborate with Montreal poet/film makers Jonathan Lamy and Genevieve Gosselin-G to produce a series of linked filmpoems centring around ideas of translocation, exploring possible connections between Montreal and Edinburgh/Glasgow, how we explore cities as strangers, as those who belong there and somewhere in between.

And also mouths, and teeth, and space, and absence, and tongues, and chalk, and stillness, and a crazy looking Olympic stadium, and a stick and a lot of railings.



The first sessions of shooting were completed in Montreal in August 2016; the films will be completed with the second sets of shooting in Scotland in October 2016. There will be a presentation of the film rushes, and a discussion of the project at the Scottish Poetry Library on Tuesday 4th October.